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James Bond, Cyanide and Heroin: How the World Bank May Poison Eastern Europe, Again

2020. február 01. - fidusz

(From The Internet Archive - The Wayback Machine.)Alburnus Major * CEE Bankwatch Network * Institute for Policy Studies press release BUDAPEST, June 18, 2002 -- As the suits gather in Budapest's Hotel Intercontinental, a dark cloud hangs over Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Since 1990, the World…


Friday: „Rosia Montana for UNESCO” actions all over Romania

Demonstrations at ruling party PNL headquarters announced for today morning from 9AM all over the Romania. Source: Roșia Montană este în mâinile voastre, locul ei este in Unesco! facebook eventToday at 19.00 the deadlines expires for the Romanian government to notify the UNESCO Secretariat in Paris…

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